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Hi guys, its my first time to do an article here at dancepinoy, so let me start by introducing myself im Sen and im from the Flipendemic Kru.

Nowadays, technology really expands beyond our expectations, specially in the field of computers and mini-gadgets, many people interpret this as an "imagination, turned into reality", but how can we keep up with this changes? i know this is a silly question, but still, do we Filipinos really ready for what this "impressive" word has to offer, and what does this thing has to do with us?

Many would think, specially here in dancepinoy, how can we relate this "Technology" to dancing? "hmmm..." let me put it this way, in the early days people use cassette tapes for recording and for special musical presentations, better than the old long playing albums, but still, it has its own limitations specially in its quality, and recording procedures, therefore, people still find new ways to upgrade or to solve this certain limitations and to improve its capacity. Technology offers us this solutions, for example, Nowadays, computer aided music mixing and editing tools are used, it is much easier to make music and mix them all together in one, technology also came up of this small version of a long playing album, the "Compact Disc" (CD), which can hold up to 700mb of any kind of computer applications, including the compression of files in music, as now known as mp3 (Motion Picture Experts Group ver. 3 for audio), i know i skip some common evolutions in music making and storing, it would take like, 2 pages if i include it one by one, but to make it all clear and more easier for u guys to understand, ill just skip it and continue with this simple explanation about how this "Technology" and its kind affects our community's thinking and how it is created to find new and efficient ways in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

To continue, I can also include the Internet, "Whoa!" "Tell me, Does anyone here didnt know that?" another silly question! of course! anyone or everbody knows about it, specially the one who is reading this, "hello?" "hehe!" ok, so lets put it this way, in our field as dancers we use this as a simple catalyst to learn and to have ideas about our concerns, knowing that it is world wide! it helps us make some of our questions easier to find provided with answers and history about it, video, music and images are just a click away, i know some of us use this "Internet" thing to judge someone or anyone whether GOOD or BAD like idolizing someone and the well known "Haters or Bitters", some just use it to roam or surf around and make a day past, this things are included and now are commonly seen in some video posting sites and in chatting or video chats (cam to cam). Improving our technology also affected the way GAMES are now known, remember Mario and Luigi? "hehe!" better graphics and soundeffects are improved! but how about dancing?  "hmmm..." Dance Dance Revolution is the one we would first think, well your right! it has touched the hearts of our fellow countrymen whether your a dancer or not, it also soared high in the industry of TV entertainment, where it has been a part of their segments. but everything in this planet has it own end, DDR's time of fame has depleted and minimized, nowadays some of the arcade stations didn't have this game anymore, "Oh No! Does this mean its the end of the dance related games?!" Worry no more! some of the great game developers and promoters host this music and dance related games for the dance enthusiasts and the young at hearts to enjoy, 02 jam, Audition Online and Dance Online, these are some of the many MMOMVG (Massively Multiplayer Online Music Video Game) that are now
available for you to play, whether it is open or closed beta.
Actually technology speaks of itself, we live with it, mentioning it all more specifically would only take time and sillyness! everyone knows it and are very much familiar, im sure Filipino families are always ready for big changes, just include its common "layman's term" and they're off! we're a people who greatly appreciates anything or everything under the sun!

Technology really plays a vital role in our life nowadays, it's more like a human's physiological need, without it, life can never be easy and fun, it has touched everything in this world, even in the Entertainment Industry, all we need to do is to use it properly and wisely, it is not created to destroy humanity but it has the power to do things what its creator wants, just a friendly advise, Do what u think is right and ask what you think is wrong, simple thinking can never be a big burden for you, I made this article not to make you guys know about our technology nor introduce it to you, i made it because some misused it and neglect it's essence, I also want to remind you guys, that having this kind of power comes with great responsibility (Spiderman Movie), specially in dancing. be who you are and let other's idea catch on you, be real and quick! a simple change cannot be painful be aware of that.

Vogue, the dance, became a mainstream phenomenon in 1990 when pop star Madonna released the single “Vogue” from her album I'm Breathless and featured the dance in her music video for the single. The dance utilizes model-like photo poses and angular, linear movements of the limbs. The history of the dance goes back at least two decades earlier when the dance started to appear in New York City underground clubs. House clubs such as the House of Royals, House of Mizrahi, House of LaPerla, and many others around the country in the 1970s and 1980s featured the underground dance.

In Vogue, the performer performs one of two distinct styles: Old Way (pre-1990) and New Way (post-1990). In the Old Way style, the performance is characterized by the formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of the formations and graceful, fluid motions. In contrast, the New Way utilizes more rigid, geometric patterns of movement with limb contortions and sleight of hand/wrist illusions. The New Way has been called a modified version of pantomime as imaginary objects, such as boxes, have been introduced into the dance. The dancers utilize these imaginary objects in their movements as they gain respect for their style. For example, a dancer might create an imaginary television set box around their head and then utilize facial expressions to the beat of the music inside that box.

[youtube src="4pyN91rA3nk"/]

Also known as 

Region of origin: 
New York, NY 

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HOLY WEEK is not exactly the best of times to be lost in a dance described as “the original dirty dancing.”

But I was going on holiday to Buenos Aires, the birthplace of the tango – and I was not about to pass up the chance to live out the romantic fantasy conjured by that tango sequence between Gabrielle Anwar and Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman.”

It has always been one of my all time favorite movie scenes – when this retired blind lieutenant takes the lady in his arms and they are lost in the swell of the music and the sway of their bodies. I fell in love not only with Al Pacino’s fearless character but also with the idea of how a dance like tango could make even a blind man see. Since then, I’ve been intrigued by this dance, which began around the 1800s.

It wasn’t just Pacino that infused excitement into the scene, I soon realized, for apparently in Buenos Aires, the tango was indeed considered more like foreplay to what could happen later in the evening. Lonely men would frequent bars and gambling houses, socializing, drinking, gambling and looking for “romance” in the company of women of ill repute by trying the steps of the new dance. Experimentation, regardless of taste, lewdness or even obscenity was the order of the day in terms of “dance steps.”
The tango broke a lot of taboos. In that era, it was considered risque for a couple to dance in front of each other, with the man’s right arm touching the woman’s back. Here was a dance that incorporated a close embrace, cheek to cheek contact, chests touching, legs invading each other’s space, seemingly in a long conversation of love and passion. Along with flirtatious looks and caresses, it was the ultimate example of promiscuity and sin!

But it all sounded so exciting – and I was more than ready to be whirled in a dance which, I’ve heard it said, could be “thrilling” with the right partner or “nasty get-your-filthy-paws-off-me” with the wrong one.

My sisters describe me as independent and willful but also incurably romantic. I wondered which of this was me when I dared to be drawn into a dance of “four legs, two minds and one heart.” Could a semi-cynic like myself actually allow a total stranger to take control over my body, or even my heart?

“Dancing tango is like learning to speak a foreign language,” says Marion Krauthaker, director of Caminos de Tango Ireland. “At the beginning it feels awkward and you don’t really know what you are saying, nor do you understand what people are trying to tell you. Then you master some basic sentences and you are just thrilled. Being able to share these precious words with other people is so rewarding. Later on, you can have more philosophical conversations – and the feeling is just pure delight. But then again it’s all a question of personality. With some people you never want to stop talking, with others you run out of arguments, and with a few you just don’t get on.”

The “language” needs to be relearned with each new partner, I also discovered. The experts say the tango takes a lifetime to master as it is full of subtle emotional nuances and gestures that alter even the basic eight steps that make up its core choreography. A person’s tango repertoire is only limited by his or her creativity and emotions.
Maybe that explains in part why it’s a dance that appeals mostly to older people who have the patience and time to explore its many subtleties. This is not a dance for everyone.

Ambassador Rey Carandang, our gracious host in Argentina, has a vast collection of tango music, ranging from deeply sensual to furiously angry. He claims there is a tango song for every mood and personality.

They say when you first hear tango music, you don’t immediately love it. But when you start dancing to it, you can’t help but get lost in it.

My first attempt to dance the tango was with my high school classmate Carmella Gana, to the tune of “Fernando’s Hideaway.” Suffice it to say that it was all drama with no actual dancing involved. Later I learned that this is the way most women and men learn, by dancing among themselves. Only later, when they have enough skills not to embarrass their teacher, are they brought to dance with the opposite sex. In Buenos Aires, the top tangueros spend the first six months of lessons just learning to walk the right way.

So tango I did in Buenos Aires. And I’ve had mixed reviews regarding my partnering skills. On the one hand, I’ve been told I have the makings of a dancer. On the other, I’ve been called “stiff” due to my tendency to lead. Believing that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, my favorite compliment was when this very good dancer/acquaintance of mine whispered that I have the makings of good dancer – all I needed was a strong partner.

I admit I was thrilled. I wondered about the double entendre there. But then, as I’m as quick learner, I realized that after all, that’s what the language of tango is all about – “innuendo.”

Is the language of tango for me? Can I let go and, as they say, “Lead from inside the body and not just my head…?”

Typical tango, it’s a question that pertains not only to the dance but to life as well. Like most women, I enjoy getting swept off my feet, so I guess I’m ready to tango. And like any independent strong-willed person, I’m just waiting for a strong partner to lead the way.

By Leica Carpo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:01:00 05/15/2010

Stepping, also known as step dancing, is a percussive dance where the performers utilize their dance movements and bodies to make complex rhythms and rounds. The dance and music is created through stepping motions, stomping, voice, and slapping of the body parts. Generally, stepping is performed in groups, though it can also be performed by a single dancer.

Drawing influence from tap dance, marching, gymnastics, and Afro-Caribbean dances, the dance began in the mid-1900s in African American fraternities. Specific inspirations for this dance include African foot dancing and the military close-order and exhibition drills performed by soldiers with their rifles during basic training.

Any type of attire can be worn during the performance of stepping, but traditionally boots or tap shoes are worn to help produce more sound. Female groups sometimes wear high-heeled shoes. Canes, sticks, and other rhythmical objects have been added as well, in recent years.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council and its member fraternities have popularized stepping. It has also been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, including A Different World, Sister Sister, School Daze, Drumline, and Stomp the Yard.

[youtube src="n1gtCjLWpuc"/]

Also known as:
Steppin', Step Dancing

African-American Fraternities

Popularized by:
National Pan-Hellenic Council 

It's really strange while interviewing some students at my high school (Kentridge) it occurred to me that all 15 of the males that I asked, If dance was a sport, answered with a NO. When asking them why they replied with, "They don't have dance on espn, and you cant compete in dance." I don't know about anyone else but I know I have seen dance competitions on espn. But anywayz when I asked the 11 girls if the considered dance a sport 5 replied with a yes (those 5 are on my schools dance team) and 6 replied with no, its a hobby. I always got angry when people wouldn't consider dance as a sport. What can sportsman do that dancers cant do? I mean really, put me on a football field and see how I do. I might not make ever field goal or make a touchdown but I bet I'll do better than you think. Then put a football player in a dance class room. Lets see them try and do three turns on 1 foot!

SPORT(sport) n. 1 active play, a game, etc. Taken up for exercise or pleasure and sometimes, as a profession: football, golf, bowling, and swimming are sports.

-Webster's New World Dictionary

After thinking I realized that there is a very big difference between dance and sports I think. Dance is MUCH more challenging in many reasons. One of them being this...

In sports you try-out to do one thing. In football, you have your running backs quarterbacks halfbacks etc. In basketball you have your point guard, shooting guard, forward, center, small forward etc. In soccer you got forwards, midfielders, goalies, defenders etc. In dance you have...THE DANCER. You don't have the turner or the splits man or the jumper or whatever. Everyone does everything. Everyone works that much harder. You have to be able to do EVERYTHING, and there is A LOT to do.

Another difference sports there is always the IDOL. I mean dance has PLENTY of idols but in sports its sort of like the best dunker the best goalie the best field goal kicker. Everyone looks up to that person. Its sort of like for sports, once you hit the top, there's nothing else for you to do. You've made it. Your the best and that's all there is. Since your better than everyone else there is really nothing left for you to do. In dance its not like that. There is no top, there is no best. If you by chance get to the top there is always people right under you who if they sneeze will rise above you. Everyone is fighting for the ONE title, and when you have hundreds and hundreds of people fighting for the same thing, there's no best, there's no stopping at the top, there is no top, there's just dance.

I guess in the end you really cant classify dance as a sport. You sort of have to classify it as dance. Dance has been around forever and it will probably still be around until the end of time. Its what keeps everyone sane I think. I think its beyond sports and games, its a way of living. Like some say... dance is a life form :-)

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