TikTok as a platform: Rise of Filipino Dancers

There is no doubt that TikTok has been the most popular platform used to showcase talents by rising influencers nowadays. Since its launch last September 2016, TikTok has now come close to Facebook in terms of the most used social media platform.

As of late August 2022 , statistics show that 80% of TikTok users range from 16 to 34 years old and most popular videos are of dance covers and dance tutorials. Some Filipino dancers like Yanyan De Jesus, Joseph Cuaton, Ac Bonifacio, the Gueco Twins, Kim Lajara, and many more, have risen to the charts and became famous for their dance covers of famous and trending songs in TikTok.

     Courtesy: Thewikifeed.com

From a statistic released by TikTok last June 2022, Niana Guerrero is so far the most followed influencer in the Philippines with her growing 29.1 million followers. Niana is a famous dancer and social media personality known for her dance covers with her siblings Ranz Kyle and Natalia. She also recently released some dance videos with delivery riders which touched a lot of TikTok users.

It is undeniable that a lot of amateur dancers that dream to be famous are using TikTok as their platform to present their talent to a wider audience and hope that this will be their ticket to fame. And with Filipino dancers reaching the global audience, there is no doubt that Tiktok is the perfect platform aspiring influencers should use to showcase their talents and reach for their dreams


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