Beki Kikay Rider: Viral Dancing Food Delivery Rider

Us Filipinos are well-known for our resiliency in times of trouble. Mostly because we don't have a choice when it is our responsibility to put food on the table, much as when the pandemic started and the whole world seemed to stop. Lots of Filipinos were obligated to stay inside of their houses due to the quarantine protocols, online shopping became a big hit, and thus came the delivery riders.

Delivery riders were once of the front liners during the pandemic but one of them stood out. A Food panda rider that dresses up as a "drag queen" became a viral sensation last May 2021, that received thousands of like and share on Facebook. Not only that he delivers food for his customers, he also bring smiles to their faces by showing of his phenomenal dance moves.

Courtesy: Loren's Facebook Photos

Loren Carrasco, also known as " Beki Kikay Rider" is a 22 year-old LGBTQIA+ member, was a former dance instructor for fiestas and festive competitions, he is also a volunteer flower arranger for their church's religious icons or "Santo", and is now one of the social media influencer for Foodpanda. His gender identity was never a hindrance in doing what he loves and pursuing his passion. 

Courtesy: Foodpanda Riders Photos

Our Beki Kikay Rider became a sensational hit on the road because of his drag personality and along with his effortlessly chic outfits. Being creative and talented is not new to our Diva. In his early age he became a dance choreographer on local dance festival competition and so far won multiple times in the said event and considered as "Hall of Famer" in their City.

TikTok became also one of his platform in showcasing his dance moves, by waiting for the food orders to be finished, he casually dance and made TikTok videos along with other fast-food employees not only to entertain and bring smiles to their customers but also to lessen their boredom on waiting for food deliveries. Loren has his both feet on the ground despite being known in social media. He firmly believes that kindness and humility is always important in this chaotic world. He advocates to help those who are deeply in need and to never discourage someone in his journey to discovering his passion and dreams. 

Our Beki Kikay Rider promises that he will continue creating more of his contents to spread happiness and positive vibes in his own little ways. So stay tuned and look out for Beki Kikay in your area!

If you wish to find out more about "Beki Kikay Rider" Loren Carassco and his fun and creative contents , follow him on Facebook via Beki Kikay Food Panda Rider ng San Juan / and on Tiktok @mamalors/


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