90's Hits: Running Man

Created by Bobby Brown, but was popularized by MC Hammer in the ’90s. Running Man was formerly known as “The Hammer” next to the man who made it prominent. The move was renamed later as the “Running Man” because it resembles the movements of a running person. Its simplicity and the seemingly fun atmosphere immediately caught the attention of everyone in the era, which quickly resulted in an outburst of appreciation and the production of everyone’s own versions of the fad.

source: Tenor.com

This dance move was so popular that it became the inspiration for Party Rock Anthem’s own version called “Shuffling”, in this version, the repeated movements from the arms are excluded while maintaining the same motion from the feet. Its emergence after it disappeared from the mainstream content is the most impressive feat because it created once again the same hype it produced when it was first released in the 1980s. Party Rock Anthem turned out to be the best-selling single of all time in Australia and its album entitled “Sorry for Party Rocking” has sold 1,727,999 copies in 18 countries.

source: Tenor.com
The illustration above shows a character from a famous video game called "Fortnite" that features the Running Man, proving that this dance move was already onto the younger generation's minds. The majority of dance trends fade out after they reach the peak of their popularity but Running Man has proved time and time again its relativeness no matter what era.

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Written by: Christian A. Ursabia

Christian A. Ursabia is a 3rd Year student of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Adamson University 

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