The Pioneer of Philippine Hip-hop

Philippine All-Stars as the name suggests, this group shone the brightest among many other dance groups in their era, the crew which was formed by only 12 individuals in the Underground Hip-hop scene turned out to be one of the most decorated dance groups in the history of Philippine Dance Community. The group attained the peak of their success when they successfully conquered the World Hip-hop Dance Championship in 2006.


The All-Stars didn’t just grab the country’s first World Championship, they also put the Philippines on the map of Hip-hop along with several other heavyweight countries such as New Zealand, Japan and the USA. However, the group encountered a minor setback as they failed to capture the elusive back-to-back championship in 2007, despite that, the elite group stayed composed and hungry to get the crown back to our motherland. In 2008 they managed to retrieve their rightful throne as they performed one of their most iconic routines, which are highly focused on solid choreography and unimaginable stunts. The group’s swag and pinpoint precision along with their perfect coordination made them the 2008 World Champions.

Courtesy: Las Vegas Weekly

Their group’s name was officially cemented as one of the greatest crew when they finally defended their crown and was hailed as the first Asian country to have a back-to-back championship in the World stage. The Stars also became the conqueror of several other competitions in different parts of the world including the 2009 Kenya Streetdance Competition, the 2010 TRI ASIA Competition and 2011 Dance2Dance Switzerland.

With all that success, it is safe to say that this crew paved the way for the next generation of Hip-hop dancers. These guys proved that the Filipino talent can go head-to-head with the World’s greatest in the field of Dancing

What do you think are the Filipino dance groups that can replicate the achievements and legacy of the Philippine All-Stars? Comment below!

Written by: Christian Ursabia

Christian Ursabia is a 3rd Year student of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Adamson University

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