The Best of the Best Dance Groups in the Philippines

There are a lot of aspiring dance groups in the history of Philippine dancing, some are still finding their identity, some have decided to hit the pause and rest for an indefinite amount of time while some of them have already set foot on stages far bigger than what a normal performer could imagine but only a few chosen groups managed to emerge and be able to attain multiple awards and trophies from different parts of the world. With that being said, we’re going to take a look at some of the best dance groups that represented our country on the international stage

5. Kingsmen
Courtesy: Kingsmen Philippines

Kingsmen established their name in the Hip-Hop community when they became the silver medalists of the 2018 HipHop International Varsity Division, despite falling short of the long-time Japanese powerhouse group Kana-boon! They still managed to leave a mark on the Judges as they obtained the silver medal. Kingsmen’s primary weapon in their arsenal is their never-ending creativity and jolliness whenever they set their foot on the stage. They may look like they’re just playing, but the difficulty of their moves is so advanced that a normal viewer would have no idea how hard it is to pull off that kind of step, which makes them so special.

4. Fusion
Courtesy: Hip-hop International

Imagine choreographing a group that consists of 34 members? It’s either the overall performance would be a complete mess or it would be an illusion of movements. Thanks to Fusion’s skills and talent, they managed to do the latter. Some would consider their quantity as their primary weakness but fusion proved countless times that their numbers don't affect the quality of performance they produce. They have proven countless times that is, in fact, Fusion’s main strength.

3. The Package Makers
Courtesy: TPM PH
For some groups, dancing is just a form of expressing your thoughts and feelings into movements, but for The Package Makers, dancing is more than just a form of expression, this group turned dancing into a form of storytelling, even sending some powerful messages throughout their performance, its unique take on dancing and use of video presentations in the middle of their shows helped greatly in connecting with the audience. The group quickly adapted to modern technology and successfully merged it into their performances, resulting in an amazing and jaw-dropping output.

2. UPeepz
Courtesy: Goods News Pilipinas
Out of all the great dance groups mentioned, if there’s anyone who can replicate or even surpass the achievements of the Philippine All-Stars, it’s this group. UPeepz megacrew division became the 2nd Filipino crew to notch the World HipHop Dance Championships in two consecutive years. UPeepz also represented the country in the Season 4 of World of Dance where they reached the semi-finals stage before falling to powerhouses Oxygen, Jefferson y Adrianita, Géométrie, and MDC who were later crowned as the Champions of that season.

1. Philippine All-Stars
Courtesy: Philippine All-Stars
I think this one was not a surprise, I mean, when you are the one who basically made dancing famous in the country and became the inspiration for many aspiring dancers, It is safe to say that they are still the greatest Filipino dance crew to ever exist, even when they switched their focus on guiding the next generation, their achievements and legacy will forever remain in the World of Hip-hop community.

Comment down your TOP 5 All-time dance groups and share your thoughts below!

Written by: Christian A. Ursabia

Christian Ursabia is a 3rd Year student of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Adamson University

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  1. I remember Philippine All-Star just destroying foreign teams back then, they truly are the best



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