90's Hits: Macarena

There are countless dance trends in the 90’s era, some became popular because of the song’s beat and rhythm, some because of the easy-to-follow steps while some are just simply fun to dance along, If you could put together all those factors and transform it into a song, It would be the Los del Río’s “Macarena”.
Source: Tuneup.com
The hit dance song first appeared on the 1993 album called A mí me gusta, three years after its official release, Macarena finally rose to its stardom and even became the #1 spot on the Billboard pop chart on August 3, 1996. The dance song was so popular that until now, it can still be heard through multiple radios across the world. With its very simple and repetitive dance steps, even a child can perform this dance. That's why It is almost impossible not to dance along when you start to listen to the song.

What are the steps?
  • Place both of your arms forward one at a time. Both palms should be facing down
  • Turn your arms upward one at a time
  • Place your right hands on your left shoulder and your left hands on your right shoulder. It should form an “x” shape on your chest
  • Put your hands on the back of your head one at a time
  • Bring your left hand to your right hip and your right hand to the left hip. This should be done one at a time.
  • Move your hands to the opposite hip one at a time
  • Move your hips counterclockwise
  • Clap your hands and face to your right or left
  • Do the steps all over again
Now that you have learned the steps, make sure to show everyone your newly acquired dance moves and flaunt your skills! Relive the 90’s biggest and most exciting dance trend.

How about you? What do you think is the biggest dance trend in the 90’s? Share your thoughts below!


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