Wu Tang

The Wu Tang dance originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The dance is normally performed to dance club music, or more specifically Baltimore Club music. The dance involves a jerking motion of the arms in an up and down position followed by a side to side motion. This can also look like someone flexing their arm muscles, in some variations. The legs of the dancer are usually kept in a wide stance position as the body performs the bouncing motions and kicks to the beat of the music.

Each dancer has added their own flair to the basics of the dance. Some add fancy footwork, while others add the motion of shooting a gun.
The dance first became popular in the North side of Philadelphia, but has since spread its popularity throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Baltimore. The dance has been compared to the “Chicken Noodle Soup Dance” of Harlem, the Hyphy dance of Crunk dance of Atlanta, “Rockin’ Off” of Baltimore, Krumping of Compton, and “Stickin’ n Rollin” of Miami.

[youtube src="FCvS5mrBxig"/]
Region of origin: 
Philadelphia, PA

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