The Rock Dance, also known as Uprock, is a soulful and competitive street dance. It was developed in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn between 1967 and 1968 by two men: Rubberband Man and Apache. Uprock is danced in synchronization to the rhythms of Soul and Funk music and certain Rock songs. The dance consists of foot shuffles, spins, turns, "Freestyle" movements, along with sudden body movements called "jerks" and hand gestures called "burns" which are intended to imitate a fight against an opposing dancer.

The dance involves two or more dancers who perform solo or as a team, dancing alternatively or simultaneously. This performance is called a "Battle". Uprockers or "Rockers" battle throughout the duration of a complete song - from the beginning to the end while in a line formation called the "Apache Line". The Apache Line allows two opposing dancers or Crews (dance groups) to face each other and execute their "burn" gestures towards one another. Although Uprockers sometimes emulate violent or vulgar moves with their "burns", physical contact is never allowed. In fact, physical contact is usually a sign of inexperience. An experienced Uprocker will not make any physical contact in order to "burn" their opponent. Experienced Uprockers are also familiar with the songs in which they dance to. They use the lyrics and every element of the music to out-do their opponent. Uprock is mastered with discipline, patience, heart, soul, and knowledge.

In an Apache line, Rockers must stay in line formation but can switch partners while keeping the Battle line in motion. Freestyle or routines are performed until the Break of a record. During the Break both Rockers must alternate "burns" or "jerks" with no physical contact. If there is physical contact, there is no point or "burn" given to the violator. A Rocking Battle does not consist of "burn" after "burn" but a constant rotation of "burns" and "jerks" in order to give each opponent the space to "burn" the other with style. Remember it is knowledge of the music and style that wins in favor of the Rocker.

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Also known as 

"Rubberband Man" and "Apache" 

Region of origin: 
Brooklyn, USA 

Popularized by: 
Devils Rebels, Dynasty Rockers, Lil Dave Rockers

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