Tootsie Roll

In 1994 the song “Tootsie Roll” by the 69 Boyz became wildly popular on the local Miami, Florida radio station Power96. Soon after, it invaded the local nightclub scene of Miami and spread across America. The Tootsie Roll dance is still a favorite at many clubs and weddings. The dance can make you feel as “sweet as gold”, so to perform it just follow these steps:

1) When you hear “Cotton candy sweet as gold”, move your right hand in a circular motion as if making cotton candy then hold the imaginary cotton candy in the air.

2) Move your legs in a butterfly motion. To do this, get up on your toes, stick your booty out, bend your knees, and repeatedly open/close your legs.

3) When the song says, “To The Left”, you move left. Do the same for “To the Right”, “To the Front”, and “To the Rear”. Usually, this is done with 2 side steps or a sliding motion.

4) To Dip, step out to the right, bend your knee, and drop your booty to the floor, and come back up. Then, repeat this step to your left side.

The dance is rather simple, but utilizes a lot of side-to-side motions. The most difficult part for most people is performing the butterfly, especially if you have poor balance. Most of the song provides step-by-step directions, so just listen up to be able to perform all the steps.

This dance is inspired by the country western line dances of the past, but is performed to a hip-hop beat and flare. It is very common to hear this song and see this dance being performed in nightclubs around the world. It is catchy, easy to perform, and a lot of fun for the dancers.

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69 Boyz

Region of origin:
Miami, Florida 

Popularized by:

69 Boyz

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