This dance originates from the music video by the entertainer Tamechi entitled “Poak Chops”. In the video,which was filmed in Tamechi's home state of North Carolina, locals are featured dancing to the lyrics:

"Gotcha dancin like, gotcha movin like, gotcha shakin like a go go girl...shake ya poak chops, work ya ham hocks, throw them butta beans, you just a country dream."

The easy-to-learn dance followes the lyrics with shaking, rocking, and hip gyrations. Generally, hand gestures are added to the hip and thigh movements to further coordinate with the song’s lyrics. For example, when the words “throw them butta beans” is sung, the dancers put their fists in front of their hip bones, extend all of their fingers out, rock their hips from side to side, and act like they are throwing butter beans from their hips.

The dance involves a lot of gyrations and shaking and is easy to perform simply by listening to the music and acting like those around you. The song was released in 2007 and had a short ride of popularity at late night dance clubs.

[youtube src="Ox9KvQLVtek"/]

Also known as
Get Goofy, Stringin', Stringn

Swagg aka Jigsaw, Pinnokio, and Liquid

Region of origin:
Tulare, CA

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