Running Man

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Originating in the 1980s, the Running Man is a dance that is mime-like in its implementation. To perform the dance, you simply act as if you are running in place while sliding your feet. This series of steps and slides creates the illusion of a person running, hence the name Running Man.

To correctly perform this dance and give the illusion of a ‘Running Man”, do the following:

Step your left foot forward and then slide it back.

Immediately step your right foot forward and then slide it back.

Repeat these motions rapidly to increase the illusion.

Add a bending movement of the arms forward and backward for added effect.

The dance began as an American adaptation of the Melbourne Shuffle dance, which hails from the Australia underground dance scene of the 1980s. The Running Man lost popularity in the 1990s, but regained some notoriety during the early 2000s. Even Britney Spears performed the Running Many during her 2007 “M+M’s: Concerts From the HOB Tour”. It is now considered just yet another faddish dance that was once a dance craze.

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