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Originated by Charles “Robot” Washington in the late 1960s, the Robot is an illusionary dance style that highly resembles Popping. The movements of the dance are highly rigid, very sharp, and utilize Locking techniques. Every movement in the dance begins and ends with a lock, to give the impression of motors starting and stopping, just as an old Science Fiction movie robot would perform if dancing.

The dancer’s must keep their posture extremely rigid at all times. The similarities between the Robot and Popping, Locking, and Liquid Dancing can be confusing for many observers. The Robot is only used to refer to the technique of imitating a humanoid robot dancing.

Some performances include imitations of malfunctioning or broken robots, as well. To create this illusion, the dancer utilizes more jerking movements and freezing movements. A very characteristic move is that of holding the upper arm parallel to the floor while the forearm swings back and forth, as if broken.

[youtube src="LY-9zbGGK44"/]

Charles "Robot" Washington, Robot Brothers

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