Zombie Costume Tips

9:13 PM
Have fun and be creative when making your Zombie costume for Thrill The World. Try to view the original Thriller video to observe the zombies’ costumes, hair, make-up and facial expressions for more ideas.

Prepare your costume PRIOR to arriving to Thrill The World.
There will not be enough time to cut and dirty your costume on site!

1. Go to thrift shops or rummage your parents’ closets.
2. Cover as much of your body as possible with clothing since this will require less zombie make-up.
3. Wear dark coloured, burial clothing. Unless you were killed/ died somewhere where you did not receive a proper burial in a suit and coffin.
4. Old fashioned, unflattering outfits are most effective. Or you can also be a dead celebrity!
5. Add dirt, marks, and torn holes to your costume. Use dirt, black marker, black/brown shoe polish. Cut or tear your costume with a scissor, knife, or run over your suit with a car to leave tire tracks!!
6. Appear as though you’ve risen from the dead.
7. Wear comfortable, dark shoes that you can dance in for a few hours. Heels? Not so much.
8. Add baby powder to your clothes and hair to appear dusty.

You will have a short amount of time to do your costume, hair, make-up and eat before we perform.

• Ensure that your make-up does not obstruct your vision. No masks. Watch out for fake blood dripping into your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses.
• For your hair: hairspray it up, tease it, wear a wig, go crazy!
• Zombie drool: In a plastic cup, mix corn syrup and red/blue/green food dye. Food dye directly in your mouth looks cool, but it MAY stain dental work.
• Add baby powder to your hair to look gray or on to your clothes to look dusty. Do NOT get it on the floor because it makes the floor slippery = safety hazard.
• For makeup: use theatrical makeup, or regular makeup: dark eyeshadows under your eyes, red lipstick for “blood”, pale foundation, eyeliners, fake blood.
• If using a lot of makeup, make sure to moisturize well first, as this will make removal of makeup easier, and will make sure your skin isn’t damaged.
• Bring baby wipes and/or facewash, small towel, and change of clothes, like fresh socks for after the show.


• Costume & shoes
• Make-up
• A mirror
• Face wash, towel, baby wipes
• Water bottle & snack/ lunch
• A change of clothes
• Your Camera!
• A map of how to get to venue
• Completed Registration Form

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