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A style born in the 1970s in the LA underground club scene. Punking was first seen in Gay underground nightclubs (discotheques) of Hollywood. The dance came into the mainstreeam as many professional dancers at the time started performing it on television (Soul Train) and various stages from Hollywood to Las Vegas. Punking dancers include; Billy Goodson, Tinker, (R.I.P.) Lanny and Aka Micheal Angelo, Adolfo 'Shabba Doo' Quinones, as well as female and male dancers from Dancing Machine which was created in 1975 by Jeff Kutach who later created a show called Splash in Las Vegas. You could also see it performed in the 70s and early 80s by the group Dancing machine, members were Stever 'Sugarfoot' Notario, Gino, Dino, SugarBop, Fast Freddy, Topaz Lanette, Diane, Flame, Dallas and Ana 'Lollipop' Sanchez.


Styles of dance from the streets and clubs were taken into the music and media world. The world saw a fusion of dances merged into effortless sequences.

Wacking is the name that some of the soul train dancers started using instead of the initial term 'punking'. Toby, Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley (Shalamar) was trained by Tyrone Proctor (Soul Train dancer) who she credits with her 'Diva' training. All were known to have performed Wacking.
Some would say that punking was the original true underground term for the style and that wacking or whacking came later as the dance became more mainstream.

The following is a first-hand account of punking by Angel from Mexico

Punkin was created here in the West Coast by latinos Mexican Americans Chicanos underground culture and the Founder was Micheal Angelo 6 foot 5 Giant of the underground ciruit.

Punkin was not created by black or any other race but Mexican American, that is why Punkin has a legacy and I'm part of it. Micheal Angelo gave me his approval that My interpretation of Punkin was good that it has the true spirit of it.

Like Aztec warriors Micheal Angelo as he was called becuase he was ahead of his time. Punkin will longer then Lockin or Poppin because of it unique look that fits the old and the new. Punkin Micheal was a Goddess in the underground world and people like Shabbadoo, Ana Sanchez, Tyrone Proctor, Archie, Brian Green and others whom have exploited this fantastic dance.

You can make believe and cash out on what I love with a passion but I will continue to teach the true legacy of punkin I owe that to Micheal Angelo R.I.P to Victor Manuel and to Lanny Carbajal R.I.P.

[youtube src="1FEOjMPhxLE"/]

Also known as 

Aurther Andrew, Tinker, Lanny, Micheal Angelo 

Region of origin: 
Los Angeles, CA 

Popularized by: 
Aurther Andrew, Tinker, Lanny, Micheal Angelo


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