Pop Lock and Drop It

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Usually performed to the song of the same name, Pop Lock and Drop It is a dance sequence using twisting and thrusting motions. The motions are usually performed during the chorus of the song by raising your arms above your head and then quickly lowering your body so that your hips are between your heels during the “drop it” portion of the chorus.

The song was made popular by Huey and came from his debut album title Notebook Paper in March 2007. The song became a success and was played at numerous nightclubs across the country, bringing the dance along for the ride of popularity. The music video for Pop Lock and Drop It debuted on MTV Jams in February 2007 and showcased how the dance is performed.

The movement of the Pop is very jerky, while the Locking is much more smooth. It takes a good amount of practice to get this dance correct and to look correct.

[youtube src="D5j4622o8Wo"/]


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