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The Hyphy (pronounced, “High-Fee”) dance style originates from an energetic cultural and musical movement bearing the same name. It emerged at the turn of the millennium in the San Francisco Bay Area and is said to have gotten its name from the Bay Area rapper, Keak Da Sneak who coined the word when his mother used to describe him as “hyperactive” as a child. Sneak, shortened “hyper” to the now famous, “hyphy”.

Unlike the vocabulary of slang and activities associated with the culture, Hyphy dancing is mostly defined by an attitude or approach to dancing. Although the Hyphy dance style does not offer a series of signature dance moves, it is characterized by exaggerated, often silly, dance movements and is often described as acting "stupid" or "going dumb" thus speaking to the cultural expression of Hyphy’s somewhat subversive and carefree nature.

Musically, Hyphy dancers commonly dance to songs within a musical genre baring the same name. Hyphy music is closely compared with the musical stylings of southern America’s Crunk carrying a similar beat but offer more lyrical stylings than its southern counterparts.

[youtube src="sMGh_9oC60I"/]

Also known as
Going Dumb, Getting Hyphy, Gettin Stupid, Going, 18 Dummy

Oakland Youth

Region of origin:
Oakland, Bay Area

Popularized by:
E-40, Keak Da Sneak, Goapele, "Closer", Side Shows, Oakland Youth

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