Harlem Shake

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Originating in the 1980s in Harlem, the Harlem shake is based on an East African dance called Eskista. It is believed that early African immigrants to New York contributed to its development. The Harlem Shake grew in popularity in 2001 when G-Dep featured the dance in his music video “Let's Get It”. The Harlem Shake later evolved into the Chicken Noodle Soup dance, which exploded in popularity during the summer of 2006 when DJ Webstar and Young B brought it to the mainstream.

To perform the Harlem Shake, move one shoulder down towards the ground and make the other shoulder unseen. Simultaneously shimmy your body. While continuing to shimmy, switch shoulders. During the shimmying, utilize your arms, legs, and body. The arms should be kept close the body during while performing this dance. This quick-to-learn dance is fun to perform and easy to do.

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