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Gliding is a dance that is similar to Floating and Sliding. This dance utilizes illusionary dance steps to create the visual effect of the dancer gliding across the dance floor. Gliding grew out of a previous dance, called Floating. The main difference between Gliding and Floating is that Gliding utilizes a pushing or pulling motion of the feet across the floor, whereas Floating does not. Using this push/pull motion allows the dancer to cover more distance with each dance step than can be accomplished in Floating.

This dance style hit its largest round of popularity in the 1980s when Michael Jackson popularized the Moonwalk. The Moonwalk is essentially a simplified version of the Glide, since it usually only uses one direction of motion, that of going backwards.

Gliding can be performed to any style of music, but it has most prominently been seen with R&B and Soul music.

[youtube src="V7j398T5LJA"/]

For gliding in hip hop dancing the foot should look like it is sliding over the ground. 

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