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Crunk is performed to music of the same name. Crunk music originated from southern hip-hop & Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The music contains looped 808 and 909 drum machine rhythms, while simplistic synthesized melodies are repeatedly played throughout the tracks. The objective is to create a high-energy, driven feel to the music.

Crunk dancing shares much with its music. A focus on rhythm, not content, is prevalent in both the dance and music. Essentially a party dance and a music style, there is no socio-political message or personal concerns being addressed other than having a good time. There are no special moves to Crunk, just wild movements performed to a fast beat.

Crunk comes from the mixture of the terms 'crazy' and 'drunk', since that is how most people look while performing this dance. It is common for those in the hip-hop culture to say to each other, “let's go out tonight and get 'crunk'!”

[youtube src="RrzuhOeJsSc"/]

Region of origin:
Atlanta, GA 

Popularized by: 
Lil' Jon

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