Crip Walk

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Crip Walk originated in the gang culture of Compton, a suburb of Los Angeles, California in the early 1970s. By the late1990s, this symbolic form of gang expression became a popular inspiration for hip-hop dancing.

Crip Walk is composed of small and nimble movements of the feet which hold a variety of purposes in the gang culture. These purposes include recognition of members by showing love and loyalty, and making a symbolic statement that a Crip Walker is a member of the Crips. A different use of Crip Walking is to insult the rival gang, the Bloods. To do this, the Crips spell out their rival's name using Crip Walk, then cross it out. Using hand gestures, also called stacking, the Crip Walkers spell out their own names, neighborhoods, and other words to communicate via the Crip Walk.

There are two basic moves to Crip Walk: the V Move and the Shuffle.

To perform the V Move:

Start with both feet flat on the ground.
Pick up your left foot's toes, and you right foot's heel, and pivot to form a V with your feet.
Now, pick up the left heel and right toes, and pivots outward, forming an upside down V with your feet.
Repeat these steps to make a V or upside-down V.

To perform the Shuffle:

Start by standing on your toes.

Jump/Slide you right foot backward and your left foot forward so that your left heel lines up with your right toes.

Jump/Slide again and alternate your feet. Again, the heel of one foot should align with the toes of the other.

NOTE: Try to keep your feet really low to the ground, so it looks like you are sliding/gliding your feet from one position to another.

[youtube src="TT16OTNPyEk"/]

Also known as 

The Crips (LA gang)

Region of origin: 
Los Angeles, CA

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