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Bucking, also known as Jookin, Choppin, G-Stylin', short for Gangsta Stylin', is a dance form derived from a style of dance known as Gangsta Walking. Gangsta Walking started in the late 1980s in Memphis and facilitated Bucking's fusion of west coast funk styles such as gliding, popping, tutting, and waving with spins and two-step variations set to rap music.

The driving force behind the creative moves seen in Bucking is the constant need among Memphis inner city youths to escape their environment through creative expression thus rendering a highly personalized style involving the execution of intricate visual illusions. These illusions oscillate between static and fluid movement using the entire body to tell abstract, intricate, compelling, and entertaining tales. Often such dynamics go as far as playing with contrasting movements between the upper and lower body as well as dancing on the tips of the toes.

Today, Bucking is a dance form synonymous with Memphis inner city culture. It is still done in and around Memphis including Orange Mound and Whitehaven and has garnered additional appeal in many cities throughout the United States and internationally.

[youtube src="RPgS_MS3ds0"/]

Also known as
Gangsta Walking, Jookin, Choppin, G-Stylin', Gangsta Stylin' 

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