Aunt Jackie

12:03 PM
Originating in the early part of 2007, the Aunt Jackie refers to both the dance and the song of the same name. The dance and the song originated in Harlem, NY and were popularized through YouTube by rappers Jason Fox and the Hood Presidents. By the summer of 2007, the dance had spread from the internet video sites into most of the hip hop dance clubs around the United States.

The dance is rather simple and incorporates moves such as clapping your hands, making a fist, and bringing them to your chest. The Aunt Jackie is upbeat and modern, while still being heavily influenced by old school dance moves such as the Harlem Shake. Recently, the Aunt Jackie has evolved to include more complex dance moves as more experienced dancers have added their own flavor to the movements.

Originator Jason Fox credits the actual song to his Aunt during the song by singing: I got the feeling when I’m chilling with my Aunt Jackie. The type of music when you used to make your aunt happy. The type of sound these young’uns don’t know. It’s a new rap music with an old-school flow.

[youtube src="RujIluuhWZU"/]

Jason Fox

Region of origin:
Harlem, NY

Popularized by:
Jason Fox, Hood Presidents

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