2 Step

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The “2 Step” dance and accompanying music was developed by DJ Unk, an Atlanta, Georgia based DJ and rapper. He began spinning records in 1998, but signed with Oomp Records in 2000.

The dance features high-energy, repetitive, bounce-like steps:

1) Step out with your left foot to the side, touching your heel to the ground. 2) Cross your right leg in front of the left foot in a swinging motion, and then touch the floor with your heel. 3) Step out to the right side with your right foot, then repeat with the left foot.

The dance is rather simple, but flair can be added by swinging your arms freely and low to the side and by crossing your arms when you are low to the ground in your motions. These rocking and dipping movements of the body, arms, and shoulders usually accompany the dance steps.

The song, “2 Step” was released as the second single from the album Beat’n Down Yo Block in 2007. The video was released on February 23, 2007 on Yahoo! Music and quickly spread both the song and the dance to nightclubs across America.

[youtube src="xvmNPLFoDEc"/]

DJ Unk

Region of origin:
Atlanta, GA

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DJ Unk

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