Swaztika Dance Company (2003)

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Swaztika Dance Company 



The group had been through a lot of trials,ups and downs.. but through those trials we remain as one and a solid happy family and will always strive our best to entertain the people watching us.. We like to keep our audience silence and then appreciate our performance after we dance.. and that's entertainment for the Swaztika Weirdos AKA Swaztika Dance Company.

The group was founded on October 30 2003 by Paul Bryan Santos as the Choreographer together with Barry Basbas,Darius de Jesus and Patrick Basbas where as of today is Active and still Dancing (Except for the Founder). On that day A Dance Competition was held at Sports Complex @ Balibago Santa Rosa City of Laguna and the group was declared winner by 2nd place.. After that 3 more members Where Recruited namely Jason Bernarte,Jaycee Bernarte and Ryan Parala and the name "SWAZTIKA" was founded lately on November 2003 of the same year.. The concept "PINITENSIYA" was created and successfully won its first Championship when it was first launched on December 2003 and continued to sore up to the year 2005.. Then more members were added such as the boy wonder Jamil Rada,Kevin Reyes,Armand Garcia,Jeffrey Andrew Flores,Lester John Bella,Kaycee Cuevas,and Charity Genova.. in the mid 2005 with this lineup the Concept "FUNKZ" concept was created and the new name "Swaztika Dance Company" had emerged winning almost every single Dance Contests in the Region and making the Group #1 in Laguna and very well known with the said dance piece and continued up to 2007 which included the Title of the Best Barangay Dance Group in Laguna 2007 (ANILAG dance contest). After some members needed to leave which some thought was the beginning of the downfall of the group but "WE BEG TO DISAGREE"...the group made its first TV appearance @ Umagang Kay Ganda(ABS-CBN) (JayJay Recaplaza just recently joined the Group at this time) and made a lot of guesting for company parties (also included performing with Charice Pempengco at the early stage of her career/see photos for other more artists in the country). It took the remaining members 5 months to rest at dance competitions creating a new dance piece to show the people that we are not just good at dancing the "COLORED FUNKZ" concept and we gave it up for other groups to be used. We also did HIPHOP and successfully created the "FASHIONISTAS (brown wolf/hiphop as stated by audiences) choreographed by Patrick Basbas that also made a big name out of the group. On October 2008 The group decided to recruit new members for the upcoming new concept and therefore held an audition. New members such as Edralyn Magno, Diana Jeanne Diaz, Edison Frias joined the group... with the concept idea of EMO,Ryan Parala made a bigger suggestion for the new concept that will surpass even the Emo's and with each members participation, will and determination plus the powerful mind of the Choreographer Patrick Basbas with Kevin Reyes' ideas combined, the NEW CONCEPT WAS CREATED AND LAUNCHED @ THE BRGY FIESTA of BALIBAGO FEB 22 2009 AND IT WAS CALLED the "GOTHIC THEME" also with this concept the group changed its name to SWAZTIKA WEIRDOZ. The theme started slow for it took time for audiences to adapt to since they were not very familiar of the Goth Concept, after a month the group started winning and entertaining again. Also won the TITLE of the best dance group in Laguna @ Anilag 2010 again,won the daily's @ Diz Iz it(GMA7) aired on January 2010,from here on Daryl Segovia entered the group. The group also performed @ Showtime(ABS-CBN),Talentadong Pinoy (TV5) and now as a Contender @ "Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3(ABS-CBN)" and successfully won its first Appearance on the show with new members such as Clarizza Legaspi,Jeffrey Domalayas and the Active Members such as the Choreographer/Leader Patrick Basbas,Kevin Reyes,Darius de Jesus,Barry Basbas,Edison Frias,Jeffrey Andrew Flores,Armand Garcia and Jamil Rada they complete the Swaztika Weirdoz for PGT SEASON 3.


Pavillion Mall - Back to back championship
Anilag Festival Laguna Interbarangay - Grand Champion 2007,2010
Cavite City - multiple Championships
Diz Iz It - Daily Winner
Batangas City - multiple Championships
Battle of the Champions - 2nd placer
Antipolo Fiesta Grand Champion
Mahayahay Batangas 2010 -grand Champion
Tagaytay - Grand Champion
Balibago Laguna - Grand Champion
Santa Rosa Laguna 1st Placer
PGT Season 3 Contender (Triple YES)
Robinsons Sta. Rosa - 2nd place
and winning championships in other places in the Philippines


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