Philippines Best Dance Crew 2018

10:05 AM
We would like to invite all Filipino dance groups across the world to join "Philippines Best Dance Crew", the Dance Pinoy re-launching event. Philippines Best Dance Crew 2018* is an online dance group popularity competition that aims to build an online database of active and or disbanded, professional and amateur dance groups of any genres in the Philippine dance history.


"GOLD AWARD" (Most number of likes)
P3,000 CASH and certificate

"SILVER AWARD" (The 2nd most number of shares)
P500 cash and certificate

"BRONZE AWARD" (3rd most number of comments)
P500 cash and certificate

1. Easy! Prepare 3 best photos of your dance group
2. Send the photos together with the online application form HERE
3.  Your application is successfully received if you see your group listed on website. The link you will share will be posted in Dance Pinoy's Facebook page.

STEP 1: Like the "Dance Pinoy" Facebook page.
STEP 2: Like, Comment and Share the dance group you vote in Dance Pinoy Facebook page.
STEP 3: Join "Philippine Dance Network" Facebook group to view the latest updates.

JANUARY 31, 2018

1. This competition requires a Facebook account to vote. Only the likes, comments and shares from the original post of Dance Pinoy Facebook page will be officially counted.
2. A dance group can only win once. Example: If your group wins the Gold Award and also got the 2nd most number of shares, the group will not get the silver award. Thus, the silver award will be awarded to the 3rd most number of shares.
3. Registration is FREE.
4. DP staff will closely look at the voting process. Hate messages and any forms of cheating (fake accounts and bots) will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to delete posts that break these guidelines, ban these people or give deductions to the contestant.
5. For more inquiries, message Dance Pinoy Facebook page.

*Dance Pinoy and Randy Jackson are not related with each other. Dance Pinoy is aware that the logo design is similar to the reality dance contest, America's Best Dance Crew, and PBDC is just a parody. There will be no actual PBDC dance competition. :)

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