Master Workshops with Tamlyn Dallal

Once again, That's D Pointe Dance Shop brings you a weekend of world-class belly dance workshops, this time with the legendary Tamalyn Dallal. Only a few have earned the title of a master teacher and Tamalyn is among the elite few. 

The 3-day workshop which totals 13 hours will be held on November 16-18. Below is a brief description of the workshop offerings.

Tamalyn Dallal's Technique (3 hours)
Tamalyn has taught great dancers such as Amar Gamal and Bozenka. She believes that strong basics are the key to becoming a skilled dancer. Tamalyn will share important secrets of the dance and how to get more out of your movements, polish them and make them more beautiful and clean. Whether your focus is on Tribal or Cabaret, whether you are a beginner or a professional, Tamalyn's technique workshop is a must for every dancer.

Shimmy Spectacular (2 hours)
Tamalyn has been around the world with her dance. She has learned the shimmies of many lands- from Egypt's Siwa Oasis to the depths of Africa. Learn timing, control, and many ways to shimmy (and relax while you do it).

Drum Solo Choreography (3 hours)
Learn rhythms, how drum solos are structured, and do a choreography that utilizes techniques learned in the shimmy workshop. Learn ways to avoid injury while making the most of the music.

The Joy of Finger Cymbals (2 hours)
Don't be afraid of them. Tamalyn says "I had so much difficulty playing finger cymbals at first. That is why I found ways to learn and do drills that makes it easier to practice, walk and play, and dance with them." Zils (Zagat) can be fun! Don't let finger cymbal playing become a lost art! Learn to play them and enhance your dance.

Oriental Choreography (3 hours)
Classic and cultural, while you learn a beautiful choreography, you will learn to recognize the instruments and learn the history of the song you are dancing to, giving it more depth and interest.

We are so excited about sharing this event with you and strongly encourage you to take full advantage of this great opportunity to learn from a true master teacher.

Standard rates:
P3,200 for 2-hour class
P4,500 for 3-hour class

Discounted rates available for multiple classes.

Special rates for the full intensive (13 hours):
EB - P16,000
Regular - P17,950

Registration Dates:
Early Bird (EB) – Registration and payment on or before September 30
Regular – Oct 1- Nov 15
On-Site – 1 hour before class (2-hr P3,500; 3-hr P4,700)

Registration forms and other details will be sent out soon. In the meantime, mark your calendars and get ready to bring out the true goddess in you.

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