ABDUCTION: The Tribal Invasion 2012

“Have a break from choreography.. Let’s dance!!! Street Style..”

Groove Unlimited Dance Community


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Bboying Workshop & Jam Session
Jul 7 ---- 630pm
Aug 11 ---- 630pm
Sep 8 ---- will be moved to an earlier time
Oct 6 ---- will be moved to an earlier time
Nov 17 ---- will be moved to an earlier time

Smashville Fitness Center
DCLA Building Uyanguren Street
Davao City, Philippines

Class Fee PhP50

“Join the classes and get the chance to join the battle on December”


Abduction “the invasion of tribes” is a dance workshop and jam session focusing more on the different foundational street/ hip-hop dance or styles. It is a weekend class facilitated by the GUDC Tribes which aims to enhance the skills of the dancers in the area by establishing a strong foundation in a particular style. The program will run from July to December and will end with a battle. This program will also serve as a training ground for the dancers in the area for the bigger and wider scope of events outside the area in the near future.

A GUDC Tribe is special group of dancers specializing a particular foundational street/ hip-hop dance or style. This special group/ program aim not only to explore and strengthen the style in the area, but as well as to build and establish the communities of each particular style for its further development.
As the communities of the street dance styles in the area are barely starting, GUDC alongside with these Tribes are taking the steps to help each other start things with positivity and love. A gesture we would want the current dancers to embrace and the future generations to remember that even one day when the scene becomes bigger and the competition becomes tighter, the efforts of the elders will serve as inspiration for them that despite the thirst for recognition, respect and achievement, we are still a FAMILY.. loving each other.. A TRIBE.. willing to learn.. A COMMUNITY.. always ready to share.. because we didn’t get there because of greed and indifference but because of love, passion, unity and friendship.. we want the dancers to realize that we need also to earn respect outside the dance community and we can’t achieve that if we ourselves hate each other.

The Tribes speak different languages because they have different styles, but they feel one and the same thing when they are on the dance floor. And we want to show to the world that no matter our differences are we have one thing in common, and that is something that could drive us to unity and peace with each other. And we believe that unity can do remarkable and unimaginable things, and it is possible!

There are only 4 Tribes as of the moment
1. Bboying
2. Popping
3. Waacking & Vogueing
4. Freestyling
Core groups of other styles like locking, housing, krumping, etc. are still being gathered and prepared until they will be ready to be presented to the dance community and hold programs with GUDC and on their own.

The Tribal Council is line-up of senior members of the Tribes tasked to supervise and facilitate the program/ classes and the battle.

Convergence “the gathering of Tribes” is the culminating event of Abduction. more info will be released soon.

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