University Beats: A Dance Concert featuring UA&P Dancers

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, everyone gathered up to the auditorium to express and/or to reminisce how it is/was to be a student. UNIVERSITY BEATS is a two-hour dance concert embodying the life of a common student throughout a school year.

For the opening performance, Squadra danced to the modern beats of today's youthful music as to portray the students' comeback to school. This high energy opening dance set the mood of the audience as they await for the other months to be portrayed ahead.

This school-inspired dance concert made the young-at-heart roll down to memory lane as they remember themselves of being a student and having fun during their hay days. Truly, to be young and youthful only happens once and each and every person must know how to live this most exciting phase of life to the fullest.

Firestarters performed their winning piece at the cheerleading competition. Many were in awe as they graciously delivered their stunts.

As the event ended, everyone in the crowd was left with high and positive energy from these high-powered dancers.

This event is held for the benefit of UA&P BIGGKAS program. 

BIGGKAS is a university-wide socio-civic project initiated by the University of Asia and the Pacific's Center for Student Affairs - Civics Desk, and run by student volunteers.

BIGGKAS stands for Basa, Isip, Gawa, Galing, Katesismo, Arte and Sports.

Through its six components mentioned above, BIGGKAS aims to assist public elementary school students in grasping better knowledge, skills and attitudes in the following areas: English, Math, Science, Catechism and Values, the Arts, Health and Sports.

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