Dance Showdown Online!

DanceOn is one of the premium channels for Google's Original Content Initiative with YouTube. We thought you would be interested in featuring our new episode of our premium series Dance Showdown.

About Dance Showdown:
You've seen So You Think You Can Dance. You've seen Dancing with the Stars...but you've never seen moves quite like those featured on this new original series from the DanceOn Network: Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix. This episode features the top 4 finalists backstage before their final performance (which will air next week).  
 This is the first season of Dance Showdown, where we began with 12 YouTube stars such as Tay Zonday from the viral hit "Chocolate Rain", Barely Political's Obama Girl, and the audience has voted down to their final four; YouTube gamers SeaNanners, WoodysGamertag, popular vlogger ItsKingsleyBitch, and What's Up ELLE!

Twelve dance-challenged YouTube stars pair off with four professional dancers to train, sweat, fail, and ultimately perform in an epic dance battle to win $25,000 CASH. YOU, the audience, vote for the winner. In the end, only one dancer or troupe can triumph as the ultimate Dancer and go home with cold hard cash!

Watch it now on youtube

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