Sayawmagsikan 2012: Legacy and Supremacy on the Dance Floor

SayawMagsikan 2012 is the newest dance battle created by Creative Concepts Events & Expo Link, Inc. in partnership with AB Dynamics Group Organizer Co. with the support of Association of Amateur Dancers of the Philippines, Hip Hop Organization and Federation of Amateur Dancers of the Philippines  with the theme: Legacy and Supremacy on the Dance Floor. The proponents of the project made this as a national dance contest event to reach out amateur yet talented dance groups from north to south of the Philippines.


PUGAD Home for Street Children was established with Fr. Bong Javines, SDB as its first center director. PUGAD is a six-month processing center for children to prepare them for transfer in the big centers, or formal and non-formal educational agencies.

For the year 2002, Home for Migrant Youth In 2002 was added to its foundation. PUGAD started a new apostolate for migrant youth, or poor young men, ages 17 to 21, who take technical skills training at the Manpower Training Department of Don Bosco Technical Institute. Most come from the outskirts of Metro Manila and far-flung provinces and PUGAD has become a haven where they can study and work with ease and comfort.


 This competition is open to all amateur dancers nationwide (minimum of 10, maximum of 15) with ages 13 years old and above who can perform a well choreographed dance presentation showing the elements and routines of any dance genre of their choice  Groups may be all boys, all girls or mixed.  Each group who will use a boy or a girl beyond the age limit (below 13 years old) will be permitted only upon submission of parent’s consent and can be used only in some portion of the dance presentation and not in all dance routines.

There will be a maximum of three (3) minutes presentation allowed for each performance.  After a dance performance is three (3) minutes over the time limit, one (1) point will be deducted for each minute past the "grace period". Limitations will be strictly enforced.  This will also applies to those dance groups who are scheduled to perform on a specific time and not available to perform due to some reason like:  incomplete dance members, incomplete props or uniforms, loss of cd, etc., a minimum of three (3) points will be deducted to their total scores upon presentation.  They will be permitted or have chance to perform on or before the end of the dance contest proper, if the contest is already finished, no more re-scheduling will be done and the dance group will be automatically disqualified.

Concept or theme for costume and performance is left to the discretion of the participants based on their own interpretation of hip hop dance craze.  Concept, theme and costumes should be innovative, sporty and stylish.  Dance steps, music, costumes, accessories and props should be consistent with the concept of hip hop dance.  Dance steps, body movements and costumes should conform to normal standards of morality and good conduct.

Sharp objects like actual knives and spears, intoxicating fumes, oil, and inflammable materials and fireworks should not be used as props in order to avoid accident s during the performance.  Violation of this provision shall mean disqualification of the group.  Props should be reasonably light and not over-sized for easy and fast mobility in and out of the performance area.  Each group must furnish their audio CD containing the music they shall be using. CD must be cued and ready to play.  Back up music is strongly recommended.  Dancers should be in costume, warmed up, and ready to perform at least one hour. 

1. Any group or majority of its member found to have a professional career in either or both singing and dancing in any local television networks.

2. Must have an existing or previous recording contract or dance group contract with any Talent Management outfit.

3. Borrowing of member/s from other competing groups.
Performances that contain profanity or profane words, obscene and lewd gestures.

4. Performances using Heavy metal music and any performance that may use sharp objects, volatile materials e.g. pyrotechnics, fire.

5. Employees of any sponsors, including those of their parent companies, affiliates, their third party suppliers, and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity and affinity are disqualified from joining this dance contest.

6. All performances must be original. Previously done/copied performances are illegible.

7. Late arrival on dance performance.

8. Use of double back stunts.

Elimination Round:

1.  All Judges’ Picks in the Elimination Round or the Top Performers for each areas are eligible to compete in SayawMagsikan 2012 Dance Battle Finals Competition.

2. Elimination Winners will be awarded to three (3) Top Performers for each areas.  Only the Top Performers will represent their areas in the Final Round.

3. Top three (3) Performers will win Php5,000 each plus a plaque.

4. All Judges Decisions are final. 

5. Results and tabulation of the scores will be published through Facebook SayawMagsikan Fan Page and at www.

Final Round:

There will be a total of twelve (12) groups who will compete on the Final Battle (9 groups from Elimination Rounds representing 8 areas nationwide:  MM-North, MM-Central, MM-South, North Luzon, South Luzon, Southern Tagalog, Visayas and Mindanao and 3 groups from Wild Card Edition) 

Only three (3) winners to be awarded during the Final Battle, viz:
Grand Winner:  Php70,000.00 cash, Glass Plaque and Gifts from Sponsor/s.
1st Runner-up:  Php50,000.00 cash, Glass Plaque and Gifts from Sponsor/s.
2nd Runner-up:  Php20,000.00 cash, Glass Plaque and Gifts from Sponsor/s.

Five (5) Consolation prizes will be awarded to Top Performers (Individual Category) of Php2,000.00 each plus Glass Plaque.

All Judges Decisions are final.

Results and tabulation of the scores will be published through Facebook SayawMagsikan Fan Page and at www. 

Wild Card Round: 

To be announced. 


On each competition day, all dance group will be judged on the ff: criteria (three (3) mins. max performance) 
1.            Originality                           35% 
2.            Choreography                   30% 
3.            Synchronization                 15% 
4.            Dance Elements                15% 
5.            Audience Impact                  5% 

In case of tie in group’s performance, both dance groups will be ask to perform again and will be judge accordingly.

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