Red Bull Flying Bach breaking into new worlds

Pula, May 3rd 2012 – Off they go! The unique ensemble combining the 21st century power moves and beats with baroque fugues has set off on a worldwide voyage, cheered on by 1400 hands on Thursday evening in the Istrian National Theater of Pula. After selling-out all the performances in 2011, the first World Tour stop saw no empty seats either, proving Red Bull Flying Bach’s stellar status. The awarded performance of the Berlin based four times breakdancing world champions Flying Steps received a 10-minutes standing ovation after a 70-minutes “firework” of dazzling body movements perfectly synchronized with the live piano and the harpsichord reviving the musical genius of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Mediterranean city embedded by antic remains from the Roman times has a feel for the spectacular and the monumental. With this background the audience appreciated the performance enormously. The citizens of Pula hope for more world premieres such as this: “I heard the Flying Steps say it’s a dream come true for them. For our local hip-hop scene, it is also the best event ever in our life. Bach combined with hip-hop is really cool”, exclaimed a 14-year old Croatian b-boy Din Kadic. The elders, who frequent the theater more often, also could not stop applauding: “That’s it. When I listen to a classical Bach concert I feel divine, but this was really amazing. I heard sneakers scratch, the stage thump and the body energy stream through the theater and it felt spectacular. I wish I was 20, I’d go breakdancing”, said Robert Vazdar, a 45-year old carpenter.

The mastermind of the world’s number one crew and the choreographer of the show combining tradition and modern, high culture and urban art, Vartan Bassil concluded after the premiere: ”The crowd gave us so much energy, they cheered when we did not expect a reaction, it was really amazing and overwhelming. This was a perfect start for our Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour, now we know we can conquer the world.”

Red Bull Flying Bach will perform two more nights in Croatia, heading to the capital city Zagreb for the sold-out weekend. The first World Tour continues in Georgia, with 11 other countries to follow until the final 2012 stop in Russia.

About Red Bull Flying Bach:
Bach and breakdance do not fit? With their fascinating Red Bull Flying Bach performance, four times breakdancing world champions Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel prove quite the opposite. In the clash of cultures, Red Bull Flying Bach turns the international classical world upside down. Their creative performance visualizes and revives Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier crossing the borders of serious music and youth culture. Note by note. Step by step. With piano, harpsichord and electronic beats. With head spins, power moves and freezes. With visuals and a storyline, 70 minutes long.

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