Jill Ngo's Goddesses of Bellydance

17 astonishing ladies, 17 sultry shimmies: a group dedicated to the ancient art of Bellydance. These goddesses definitely will make a mark as they stage the repeat of their first successful dance concert: PASSION BURNING! 

Mentored and founded by Ms. Jill Ngo, a very dedicated woman in the craft, the Goddesses of Bellydance are now shimmying their way to the top. Jill has been trained under various international instructors and has been recognized for her greatness in fitness and the arts.(http://www.facebook.com/jillngo) She currently owns Peak Performance Dance and Fitness Center, also the haven for her lovely goddesses. (http://peakperformance2.asiapad.com/)

As a result of the group's hard work in honing their craft, they will be representing the Philippines in the World Bellydance Convention on May 25-28, 2012 in South Korea - a first in the Philippine Bellydance history! This worldwide bellydance international professional competition/convention is hosted by The Korea Goddess Bellydance Association. This institution was founded by Hera Kim at the height of bellydance's popularity in South Korea. (http://www.worldbellyinfo.com/)

Let's all support these girls on April 21, Saturday, 9 pm as they stage again their dance concert at Hard Rock Cafe. This is for their participation on the World Bellydance Convention in South Korea. (http://www.facebook.com/events/278398755574795/)


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