Here now are the new Dance Pinoy Officials...

Due to the recent migration of our founder Nash Angghan, Dance Pinoy has appointed new officials who will continue the legacy of the organization:

Michelle Ann Rio (Mitch)
Managing Director and COO

As the OIC, she oversees all the works in the three branches of Dance Pinoy: Dance Pinoy Academy (workshops), Dance Pinoy Magazine (online and soon to be print), Dance Pinoy Team (inhouse dancers). She is also the one in-charge when putting up events such as dance concerts, flash mobs or dance contests.

Janel Estuya (Nel)
Creative Director

Nel mainly contributes the Hit Chart for the online magazine. He contributes concepts for Dance Pinoy's upcoming events. He is our inhouse documentarist with the Blue Mirage Team.

Dance Pinoy Team (DPT) 2012

Composed of our inhouse dancers, led by Mervin Manuel, Dance Pinoy Team are our set of choreographers/dancers who can dance during your events, choreograph dances for you or teach you how to dance.

Nash Anggahan

Though in South Korea, Nash remains to be the webmaster of He mainly checks the site regularly and advises COO and Creative Director regarding the matter.


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