As an online magazine, we are accepting advertisements for all kinds of dance events including dance workshops. However, look no further as we are organizing our own workshops. The following are the reasons why it's MORE FUN to dance and learn with us:)

1 .ASSURANCE. We are having our workshops earlier than usual, March 12-31. All our classes are sure to go, no cancellation or re-scheduling!

2. ACCESSIBILITY.  Talents Workshop Hub, our new partner studio is located along EDSA Greenhills which is accessible by bus or MRT. Complete address is Parc House 1 Bldg, #227 EDSA Greenhills, beside Shell Gas Station. It is owned by former UMD dancer, James Salas.

3. AFFORDABILITY. We've got special packages for all clientele/market. Our special classes (one class for two hours every Monday) are designed for the busy working professionals who may not be able to commit to repeated sessions and recital rehearsals. For only P250 for two hours, get a crash course on the genre featured that day. For students on vacation and dance enthusiasts, we've got packages with or without recital for genres which are in demand. P1000 package for 6 sessions with no recital and P2000 package for 6 sessions with recital. You can reserve a slot for as low as P50! Housewives and older people are also welcome to join. No age limit and no discrimination, if you love to dance or want to learn, just dance with us:)

4. VARIETY OF SPECIALIZATION. As your well loved online magazine features all dance genres, so does Dance Pinoy Team offer different genres for the workshop. We've got belly dance, ballroom, breakdance, broadway jazz, flamenco and kpop. If the genre you want to learn is not on schedule, we can arrange a special yet still affordable package for you. 

5. QUALIFIED DANCE INSTRUCTORS. Most teachers will be coming from Dance Pinoy Team, the resident company of Dance who have impressive individual dance backgrounds. Other guest teachers are from reputable dance companies specializing in the dance they will teach.

6. ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME RECITAL OPPORTUNITY. In celebration of Dance Pinoy's 3rd year anniversary, this year's workshops culminating activity will be at the PICC Delegation Building Meeting Room 4. Get that chance to perform at the world's premiere concert venue for just P2000! No other workshops with recital will offer you a chance like this;-)

7. BE FEATURED ON THE ONLINE MAG. All workshoppers will get a chance to be featured on the online magazine as we update regularly on the summer workshops.

8. BE PART OF OUR TV GUESTINGS: Have the chance to be seen on TV as we promote the recital on April 1 with our media partners.

9. BE INVITED TO DANCE WITH US DURING PAID PERFORMANCES: You paid and we trained you, now it's time that you get your return of investment. We will be calling you if have gigs which will need more people than our resident company members.

10. LEARN THE DANCE, OPEN YOUR MIND TO THE CULTURE: We at Dance Pinoy believe that dancing is not just moving your body. It is expressing yourself and thus expressing the culture of the country where the dance originated from. For just P250 each class, embrace the culture of these dance and live it.

What are you waiting for? Register now! Classes start March 12, this coming Monday. Contact Kristine at 09064730888 or Mitch at 09185123600. You may drop by our studio to reserve a slot, please call 7264478 or e-mail us at 

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