Flamenco Class with Kristina


Flamenco, a passionate dance originating from Spain was taught last night at the studio. As the teacher introduced, Flamenco is a an aggressive dance yet very technical. The footwork, counting and clapping must all be precise. Most of the time, no music is used, the dancers create the beat itself through stomping and clapping.

Sevillana is a popular flamenco-style dance from Seville. Its rhythm is 3/4 or better 6/8. It is an old folk dance, danced by couples of all ages and sexes during celebrations, often by whole families and pueblos. Being a fiesta dance, its choreography is very stable and useful. Learning Flamenco starts with this dance and so it has been taught yesterday by our teacher. 

Flamenco is every Friday from 7-9pm at Talents Workshop Hub. Contact Mitch at 0915-5473743 / 0918-5123600.

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