Saturday, 9:00pm until 3:00am, FIAMMA Makati

We, A-Team, ranked 6th out of 40 teams from Southeast Asian countries during the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Preliminaries that was held in Singapore last Feb 25. And because of this, we are moving on to the finals together with the other teams included in the top 20. The winning team in the finals will get to compete and represent in Japan Dance Delight.

We would like to thank FIAMMA and ZAYA PONO for inviting us to throw a celebration party. This will also be the chance for us to receive all the luck and support from all of you for the upcoming finals.

The support and the appreciation of people here and outside the country have been really overwhelming for us. We are thanking everybody for all the love you have been sending us in every way. ▲

*The Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Finals will be on Mar 17, 7pm at Kallang Theater in Singapore. Ticket prices are $15 and $20.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Tribal, House of Dance, Krispy Kreme, That's Phresh, Francis Magalona Clothing Co., and GrafiTee

Special thanks to Dora and friends, Korinne and relatives, Dan and company, Mr./Mrs. Nava, Miko Carreon, Sophia Sato, Alphaland Corp., Mr. Anson Tan, and Ms. Zaya Pono

Vote for A-Team at Singapore Delight:
Voting ends on March 14!

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