Dance Pinoy in Starweek Magazine (Philippine Star Sunday Magazine), March 4, 2012

We are featured on the March 4, 2012 (Vol. XXVI,No. 4) issue of Starweek Magazine (Philippine Star's Sunday Magazine) under the DANCE category of Sunday to Sunday: Around Town in Eight Days - March 4-11 2012.

ERRATUM: There will be no Wau Bulan (Malaysian Traditional Dance) instead we will be having Belly Dance, Latin Ballroom and Breakdance in each of the three Mondays between March 12-31. Registration for these new set of special workshops ongoing. E-mail us at dancephilippines@gmail.comor contact us at 0915-5473743 / 0918-5123600. You may also drop by Talents Workshop Hub and look for Kristine.

Registration for actual workshops still ongoing. Contact Mitch at 0918-5123600 / 0915-5473743. You may also drop by the studio, Talents Workshop Hub and look for Kristine.


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