World Record Attempt Dance to "Thriller" October 29, 2011!

The Annual Worldwide Simultaneous Dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” hits 6 continents! An estimated 300+ events in 42 countries participants worldwide are expected to make history on Saturday, October 29, 2011, 2:00pm, GMT/UTC (which is October 30 in some parts of the globe).



Manila, Philippines – Worldwide preparations are heading to the finish line to break a world record! Filipino Funky Zombies are already planning to return this year to establish a new world record by participating in the world’s largest participatory dance event led by Thrill the World- Philippines.


This entertaining worldwide dance for world-record is scheduled on Saturday, October 29th, 2011 in Amphitheater, Riverbanks Center, Marikina City. Thrill Time is 10:00 pm. Gate opens at 2 pm.


The first Thrill Day in 2006, was initially started out as a “cool idea” that came to fruition after a group of 62 zombies set a Guinness World Records in 2006 for the “Largest Thriller Dance” in one location in Toronto, Canada founded by Ines Markeljevic, who  aimed to “Unite the World through Dance” . Since then,  it has exploded to an international dance phenomenon across the world, and has grown in thousands and thousands of participants that spread to six continents!


The phenomenon has seen by a long time fan of Michael Jackson,  Agnes Moreno, who’s a flash mob junkie and a child/youth advocate for years. As she watched Mexico’s and Philippines “Thriller” performance, she lived to her dream of putting all together all the things that she loved.


The idea was to bring this dance phenomenon universal appeal to the Filipino family community, to recreate the parent and child bond using the instrumentality of dance and music as a tool to bring youngsters off the streets and into the classroom.


We campaign to thrill-out all sectors of society to promote awareness and to spotlight the importance of parental involvement in a youth education, finding alternative ways to experience new ways to enjoy family bonding in positive and unique outdoor activities like “Dancing for World Record”  to build fear-free and safer communities for Filipino people.


Besides breaking a world record, the event is a fundraiser of its own project “THRILL WALK” and “YOUTH THRILLS” to support the Filipino youngsters of today.



The event will be highlighted by “unveiling of Michael Jackson statue”, “Mass Dance Performance of Black or White” (performers mask with black & white mask) and “Slippers Giving” (a touching sharing of rich kids to street and poor children).


“Experiencing the event itself is "thrilling" for both dancers and on-lookers.  It is, after all, an attempt to top a world record, dancing with a crowd of people, knowing that thousands of other people all over the world are dancing at the same time. With each refrain, and when Vincent Price starts his rap, the energy in the crowd is palpable.  Of course, the audience hooting it up also helps the excitement and the fun.”


"Best of all, it's a family friendly event that brings together all sorts of people.  Differences fade away and we all just celebrate the love of music, dance and having fun!"



Join us October 29, 2011 as we Thrill the World!

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Head, Communications -TTW-Philippines

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