An Artisitc Spanish Cultural Night: Vueltas Flamencas de Filipinas withClara Ramona

Clara Ramona enlivens Infinitif's stage as the Flamenco icon brings home Vueltas Flamencas from Hong kong.

Debuting her comeback performance at Infinitf, pictures of her students were posted on the wall.

Her students showcased their honed talents to the crowd.

Dancing solo, Clara proves to be the master in her own craft.

Her son, Nino delos Reyes, also proves to be an exceptional Flamenco dancer.

Dancing together, both prove to be one with Flamenco as they soulfully tapped to the beat.

Clara Ramona thanks everyone who watched and supported the show.

A full-house event with dominating audience of prominent and distinguished guests. A showcase of the Spanish art in high powered execution as Clara danced with her son, Nino de los Reyes and the students of the Clara Ramona Centro de Danza Flamenca/Clara Ramona & Co. Paired off with exquisitely delicious Spanish delicacies, the show definitely brought the audience's soul and taste buds to Spain.

Pictures originally from Ms Ida's Flamenco album.

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