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[News] JYJ will hold worldwide concert in 7 countries, 10 cities with JJ working as director

[News] JYJ will hold worldwide concert in 7 countries, 10 cities with JJ working as directorGroup JYJ’s “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ for their worldwide album “The Beginning” will be held in 5 Asian and North American cities.
Baek ChangJu, the president of CJES entertainment, the management company of JYJ, revealed “we will begin JYJ’s world tour concert in April at Thailand and the album promotion will continue on for two months, ending with a final concert in Korea.”
The grand start of “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ will be on April 2nd and 3rd at Bangkok, Thailand.
Furthermore, the concert is scheduled to also be held in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, further continuing JYJ’s meetings with their fans throughout Asia which first occurred last year through their “JYJ Worldwide Showcase.”
JYJ also plans conduct an extensive world wide promotion, traveling across North America and holding their concert in New York, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Canada.
The concert will be especially meaningful since JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong plans be the lead director of the concerts held in Asia.
Kim Jaejoong has already participated working on the stage and video effects with American and Japanese staff during the last year’s Korean concert. This time, Kim will serve as the lead director for the concerts that will be held in the five Asian cities, spearheading the entire concert and personally planning and producing all performances.
CJES President Baek Chang Ju stated, “Kim Jaejoong has always had a great interest in producing concerts. Judging from the faith shown by the foreign staff toward Kim Jaejoong’s competence during JYJ’s concert last year, we have decided to have Jaejoong be the director for this world tour. Through the various experiences he will obtain through this tour, we look forward to Jaejoong showing his abilities as a professional concert director.”

Cassiopeia Philippines (CASS PH) is working out that the Philippines be included to JYJ's Asian Tour. Currently, the organization is gathering 8,000 signatures for this to push through.
To participate in their cause, click on this link:
To find out more about CASS PH, like them on fb:


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