No Limit Dance of my Life Contest Results

Congratulations to the following couples who snagged a slot on the top 5 spots!


Akira Takahashi and Clemen Merce - 1st place
Twetii Kheen and KHENOX SHIMAMURA - 2nd place
Jessica Padron and STEPHINE IAN PIMENTEL - 3rd place
LilMärä Aku and Lilpaulo Arong - 4th place
Antonio Pasa Escol and Bil Ilogon - 5th place


IDance Club would like to thank the following for making this event possible:


Jon Zee Productions
SM City Cagayan De Oro
Dance Pinoy Magazine
Mike Ilagz StarCentral 
Peso Saver
Mark Francisco Gold Star Daily
Lilythecat On Wildfm Cdo WildZee


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