Zombie Contest!!!

Calling all zombies!

Join “Thrill the World 2010” Philippines as they raise money for the project “Dance for a Cause, Dance for a Tree” in commitment to support Michael Jackson plea to heal the Earth through Ms. Trisha Flranklin’s, “A Million Trees for Michael” Project, envisioning to plant trees on every continent in the world.

Thrill with us on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at exactly 7:00 pm at CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, hosted by MJ Flash Mob & Mass Performances.

If you are the leader of a club, office group, civic group, school, etc, and you’re interested in learning about or impersonating zombies, consider making a game out of it! You can register your group to contend for “THE MOST UNIQUE ZOMBIE COSTUME OF ALL TIME”!!! A P10, 000 is awaiting the winning group!!!

Do as zombies do and scare some friends or onlookers. You're sure to have enough fun to sleep like the dead, get up and crawl!

Take your moves from the living room to the dance floor and crawl! Get any of your zombie costume in your closet or improvise. All dance participants must get “zombie certified” by attending zombie rehearsal on Oct 16! (Location will be annouce).

Requirement for the Contest:

• Must be a group of 10!
• Must wear at least one or two Michael Jackson trademark

Ex. A Filipino wearing Barong Tagalog, with black loafers, white socks, black slim-fit trousers.

Ex. A Filipina wearing Baro at Saya, with surgical mask.

• Must wear One Glove – any color, make it unique!

Michael Jackson’s Trademark:

• Fedora (hat)
• Black Penny loafers with white socks
• Slim-fit trousers
• White v-neck T-shirt with a monogrammed military-style jacket, often with epaulettes.
• Surgical mask

More madness will be announced on the Thrill Day!!!

Uniting the world through dance!!!

“Dance for a Cause, Dance for a Tree”!!!


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