Participating Schools in No Boundaries: Just Dance

NO BOUNDARIES: just dance
1st year dance anniversary celebration
of iDance Club featuring:
Body 'n Soul Dance Crew
MOGCHS Centennial Dance Crew
Apex Motion Crew
BackTrack Dance Crew


Inter-High School Dance Battle

Public Schools

  1. Cagayan de Oro High School - Sector Crew
  2. Bulua Nat'l High School - Cyber Myx
  3. Bugo Nat'l High School - Generation X
  4. Bugo Nat'l High School - New Born Crew
  5. Bugo Nat'l High School - Cutting Crew
  6. Agusan Nat'l High School - MYPP
  7. Lapasan Nat'l High School - Ultimate Remix
  8. Gusa Nat'l High School
  9. Gusa Regional Science High School - Starting Crew
  10. Carmen Nat'l High School - CNHS Crew

Private Schools

  1. Fisher Valley Academy - Amboyz Cru
  2. Holy Cross High School - Crossian Dance Crew
  3. St Marys Academy
  4. Sacred Heart of JMS - Step Up Teens Dance Crew

sponsored by:

come and let us celebrate this one of a kind dance concert.
be blessed and be a blessing...!/iDance.Club


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