How to Navigate through Part 1

Dance has partnered with MJ Flash Mob and Mass Performances in bringing you Thrill the World Philippines 2010. In lieu of this, another website has been structured by our very own webmaster for the online registration.


Did you know that you can do so more in  the website than just registering online? Let me show you how...


Once you type the URL on the address bar, you will be directed to the homepage. You will notice the event announcement on its left-most part.


On the upper right corner, there's an instruction saying CLICK HERE TO SCROLL. Click on the second icon and the page will center on the pictures. Click again on the third icon and the page will center on the donation announcement and music.


Click on CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO and you will be directed to the ABOUT THRILL THE WORLD page which discusses the zombie contest happening during Thrill time.


Clicking on the REGISTER NOW tab will bring you to the embedded registration form for the dance.  After clicking DONE, a welcome message will be shown. Click on DONE again and you will be redirected to's website so you may choose what to do next.You are registering yourself to be part of the event.

There are tabs along the right-most side of the website: LOG-IN, REGISTER AND CONTACT. The Register option here is for the guest to be a member of the website. Then, log-in and browse through, just like any other social networking websites. The Contact tab will lead you to a small box which shows the fields you have to fill up for youto make an inquiry.



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