4048 TTW 2010 Participant Pre-Registration

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Thrill the World online registration process. All events will use this form in one way or another, so please open the attachment "TTW2010 Registration Process.pdf" to decide which of the 2 options is best for you. Your personal registration form links are listed below. For your convenience, the underage waivers and the waiver/registration sign in sheets are also attached and explained in the Registration Process document.


Email Link:
Web Link:
Simply copy the code below. Then, paste the code into the
HTML of any webpage so that others can click the link and access your form.

If you have any questions, email ttw.10philippines@gmail.com or thrilltheworld@gmail.com. Or you may visit: www.thrilltheworld.com.

Good Luck and Keep on Thrillin!!!

Uniting the world through dance!!!



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