Skechers Street Dance Battle 6 Update: ROUTINE EVALUATION


I. ARTISTIC MERIT = 60% or six points of the total score

The HipHop Competition will reward group choreography incorporating popping, locking, break dancing, funk, break dancing, street, jazz, club dance, and other dance forms performed with HipHop style and attitude. Dancing forms with traditional dance lines such as ballroom, traditional jazz, ballet, tap, modern, etc. will not be rewarded.


Choreography (30%)

Variety and Repetition - 10

The ability of the group to perform a broad selection of complex moves from the HipHop style without excessive use of the same move or pattern. A range of styles should be shown in the choreography of arm, leg and body movements, and the choreography must include a minimum of three(3) formation changes within the group and a minimum of three (3) different levels of movements (low/mid/high). More than four (4) revolutions of any move for any member of the group is considered repetitive.

Spacing/Formations/Patterns - 10

The group must demonstrate awareness of spacing between the members and full utilization of the stage while forming a range of unique, complicated and challenging formations, interactive partner moves and patterns. The full use of the stage will also be considered.

Transitions/Level Changes/Planal Changes - 10

The routine should demonstrate a minimum of three (3) levels of movement (low/mid/high) utilizing arm, hand, leg, foot, torso and head movements in three planes: front/back (sagital), side (frontal) and rotational (transverse) planes integrated with a variety of unique and unpredictable transitions and linking movements.


Musicality (20%)
Judges award for various attributes corresponding to timing and music usage and the group’s

ability to perform simultaneously to the music. Deductions will be made for timing errors and solo performances beyond four (4) counts. A minimum of two (2) recognizable songs and an unlimited maximum are allowed. Movements and patterns performed to the simulated sounds of the group members in the absence of recorded music (e.g. foot stomping, hand clapping, vocals, etc.) will be considered musicality and judged similarly.

Beat Technique/Syncopation - 20

The movements within the routine must demonstrate musical structure on style, i.e., using rhythmic variations emphasizing upbeat, downbeat, tempo and accents in single, double, halftime and syncopated musical patterns.


Showmanship (10%)
Confidence, Projection and Presence– 10

Projection of the group members is consistently strong throughout the entire routine with an uninterrupted display of confidence measured by facial expression, eye contact and body movement. The group members and their routine should connect with the audience and evoke emotional responses, i.e., excitement, joy, laughter, involvement and/or sense of drama relative to the style presented.



II. TECHNICAL MERIT = 40% or four points of the total score

The judges will evaluate the style of movements in the routine and the execution of the style(s), e.g. popping, locking, funk, street, etc. The judges will consider the quality of movement throughout the routine, including arm, leg and body placement and synchronization of the group members.

Execution/Controlled Mobility and Stabilization - 20
The group must maintain control of the speed, direction, momentum and placement of all
Synchronization - 10
The movements of the group members are performed in sync; the range of movement,
speed, timing and execution of moves are performed by all members in unison.
Intensity - 10
The routine contains dynamic movements from beginning to end and contains minimal
pauses and poses.
- Clothing tossed into the audience
- Solo performance beyond four (4) counts
- Routine length (over or under limit)
- Costume/shoes inappropriate
- Music containing improper language and lyrics
- Lewd gestures or movements
- Pre-performance display beyond 20 seconds time limit
- Use of props that may damage the stage, floorings, or may affect other groups’
- More than four (4) revolutions of a move
- Falls, trips and/or stumbles
- Less than three (3) formation changes and/or less than three (3) levels of movement


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