MyStreet Concert: Stand Up, Take Action, Make Noise for the MDGs


Help lead the call for true and active participation of citizen towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals...

Volunteer as either one of the , Front of House, Photographers, Bloggers or Street Marketers.

Sign up now at and be part of an internationally recognized concert to end poverty.

To everyone who has signed up as volunteers, here are a few reminders from the organizers:

1. IDs - We will be giving out a blanket ID for all volunteers, this can be picked up at the YPS booth, right side (facing stage) of the concert grounds. Kindly look for me, Justine Castillo and we will issue an ID upon registration.

2. Permits to photograph - Ayala Property Management rented the venues G3 and G4 Park to the United Nations Millennium Campaign, we have the right to take photos of the event as long as we stay within the park and at the hours of the event. Let us remember to take care of our subjects, the artists and the crowd, the plants, the trees and bees when taking photographs.

3. Share ownership of the Photos - We strongly encourage that you share with YPS and UNMC the wonderful photos you will be taking of the events so that we may include it in future collaterals and releases.Or course, we will seek your permission should we distribute them in the future. Please send your photos to

4. We cannot promise backstage passes to everyone because of space limitation and security concerns. But rest assured that you will have a full concert experience.

Also, I am inviting all volunteers for an afternoon snack at Krispy Kreme Donuts, Glorietta 4 at 3:30pm. Let me know if you are available to attend. It will be our pre-production meeting and get together.

Featuring a lot of notable personalities, this event hopes to encourage the youth to be more active in helping out end our quest with poverty. The UNMC and YPS MyStreet Concert is on September 18, 6 pm at the Glorietta 4 Park in Makati City.


For more info, contact Justine Castillo at 09189147866.





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