Benefits of Fitness in Dance: Slimmers World Grand Aero Fusion 2010

Last September 10, 2010, Slimmers World Grand Aero Fusion was staged in the Activity Center of Market! Market!

People coming in had to register either as a guest, member or competitor at the registration table.

A lot watched and there were audience from every floor.

Hosted by Crystal and Slyde, together with Robert Barranda (Slimmers World Training Head), it was again another lively and festive show.

The judges were awaiting for the teams to show up what they've got. Most Slimmers World celebrity judges were Princess Angela Abella (2010 Slimmers World Ms. Bikini Philippines-Internatinonal), Christine Hermoso (2009 Slimmers World Ms. Great Bodies), Joshua Zamora (former member of Streetboys and exclusive Slimmers World aerobics instructor) and Ronald Joseph Moy (Slimmers World President).

As an opening number, the managers from the different centers of Slimmers World danced to Shakira's Waca Waca led by Yen Lopena (2008 Slimmers World Miss Bikini Bodies and Manager of Face and Skin Clinic Alabang). This showcases to the audience the special aerobics concerts Slimmers World offers every month featuring an artists with the latest or greatest dance songs.

Of course, before the first group came out, the traditional roll call for all branches cannot be missed. The hosts will mention a branch in alphabetical order then representatives from that branch will scream, hold their banners high and wave their pompoms or other props.

Ten branches battled it out to be hailed this year's champion: Traflagar, Binondo, Megamall, Pasig, Cebu, Legaspi, Adriatico, Alabang, Pasay Road and Caloocan.

For other videos of Slimmers World, check their YouTube channel at

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