Alagansta 2010 : Slimmers World Alabang branch-based dance group

 Our very own Hermes Gacutan, together with fellow SWI Alabang branch members formed Alangangsta as the official dance group representing the branch during dance group competitions of Slimmers World such as the Grand Aero Fusion. Ever since the competition's debut in 2008, the team has consistently joined and putting fresh and exciting inputs into their chorography.

This year, their routine has been choreographed by Neil Castaneda and the original Alagangsta members are joined in by the new members attending the different aerobics classes in the branch. Neil has been teaching in Baila! Universal Dance and Fitness Studio, together with Hermes. Hermes encouraged him to teach in the gym and now his classes ranges from hiphop to street jazz, with a bit of aerobics and technical class. Neil's style of teaching, according to Hermes, is good for both aspiring dancers and health enthusiasts. As the skill is being harnessed, the body is maintained in shape, thus promoting better health and vitality.

The group consists mainly of college dance group members, semi-professional dancers and housewives who just share the same passion with the rest of the team:

1. OLI
2. Jenny Laspona
3. Salome Tecson
4. Renee Caraig
5. Asumi Ueda
6. Joie Limcumpao
7. Belle Francisco
8. Ara Lusuegro
9. Hermes Gacutan
10. Olive Leonardo
11. Mon Pante
12. Saruid Isaac

Although they have not placed on any of the top 3, the group was happy with their performance as they know in themselves that they did their best. They will just train harder for next year's competition. Hopefully they could also join other competitions outside Slimmers World in the future.
Reference Person: Hermes Gacutan
interviewed last September 16, 2010 by Michelle Rio

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